Artist's Statement by Randolph Howard

Randolph Howard

I’ve been painting professionally since 1982 when I received a MFA from Pratt Institute in NYC. I spent the first seven years selling through galleries, mostly in Texas and New Mexico. After receiving an NEA grant for excellence in painting, I decided to take some time off to concentrate on painting landscapes. The galleries I was showing in were not interested in my landscapes, so I decided to try selling directly to the public. I entered my first show in 1991 and discovered that I really enjoyed meeting the people that purchased my art. Selling is good, but the community of artists that choose to sell art this way are some of the most generous and supportive people I have ever encountered. I decided to enter more shows and soon found myself painting on location all over the USA.

I mostly work outside. Working in extreme heat, cold, wind or rain – and chasing the ever-changing light can be challenging. But, if I am able to capture the essence of the beauty and spirit of the place I am painting, it is a very gratifying feeling.

People often ask me about the medium which I work in. The technical name is “encaustic”. It is a term used to describe paintings that are made with a mixture of oil paint and wax. In the studio, I mix oil paint with a wax medium and trowel the mixture onto panels, which are then heated. After these “wax tablets” are cured, they are ready to be taken outside. I paint on them using brushes, knives, sticks and sometimes my fingers.

As the years pass, my style continues to evolve. What remains constant is my belief that persistence and determination are as important as talent, and that constant practice is the pathway to success.